(a)   The license and registration required by this chapter shall not be transferable to any other person, but may be transferred to another instrument or device of the same classification.
   (b)   Upon the transfer of ownership of a licensed instrument or upon the removal of such instrument out of the corporate limits of the City, the license and registration of such instrument shall expire and the original owner in case of a sale or owner in case of a transfer outside of the corporate limits shall remove either the registration slip or sticker.  Should the original owner in the case of a sale, or owner in a case of a transfer, make application for the licensing and registration of another instrument as required by this section during the remainder of the current year, he may file an application for transfer of registration and license accompanied by a transfer fee of two dollars ($2.00) and the original license and registration.  The Chief of Police shall thereon transfer the license and registration to the new instrument provided the applicant has in all other respects qualified for the issuance of a license and registration as set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 2612.  Passed 4-8-92.)