(A)   License application review:
      (1)   Upon receipt of such license application, the Director of Department of Codes and Regulations shall refer the application to the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Revenue Commission for its certification that applicant is in compliance with the occupational license tax registration and filing requirements.
      (2)   The Director of the Department of Codes and Regulations has the authority to deny or revoke any license if there is:
         (a)   A history of criminal convictions provided pursuant to LMCO § 123.04(A)(5) demonstrating a proclivity toward crimes of a pecuniary nature;
         (b)   The discovery of any legitimate reason that the applicant presents a risk to citizens if permitted to engage in activities as a pawnbroker or secondhand dealer; or
         (c)   Any nonpayment of any civil penalties for previous violations of this chapter.
   (B)   General standards for licenses:
      (1)   No license shall be transferable nor shall such license authorize the activities licensed by any person other than the person to whom it is issued.
      (2)   Every person to whom a license is issued shall conform at all times with all applicable Louisville Metro Governmental requirements, including without limitation, public health and safety ordinances and regulations; local zoning codes and regulations; local occupational license tax ordinances and regulations; and any other applicable regulation or code provisions.
      (3)   Every person to whom a license is issued shall at all times while engaged in business have the applicable license in their possession or in a conspicuous place within the licensee's business location and shall produce the same at the request of any Louisville Metro official or at the request of any individual to whom the licensee is exhibiting his or her goods or selling or attempting to sell same.
      (4)   Licenses issued under this chapter shall be valid for the time period specified thereon. Renewal shall be required upon expiration of said license if the applicant wishes to continue such activity.
      (5)   Issuance of a license under this chapter shall not excuse any license holder from compliance with any other applicable ordinance or law.
(Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 138-2019, approved 9-24-2019)