General Provisions
   113.01   Title
   113.02   Definitions
   113.03   Rules of construction
   113.04   Adoption of State Alcoholic Beverage Control law
Licensing Provisions
   113.15   License fees; issuance fee
   113.16   Published notice of application
   113.17   Delinquent taxes; license withheld
   113.18   Forfeitures
   113.19   License withheld where principal trade with schoolchildren
   113.20   Lost, destroyed, or corrected licenses
   113.21   Compliance with other ordinances and regulations
   113.22   Conditions governing licenses
   113.23   Issuance of license; receipt of fees
   113.24   Revocation or suspension of license
   113.25   Transfer of license or business
   113.26   Authorized public consumption operational zones
   113.27   Logan Street Market Entertainment Destination Center
   113.28   Whisky Alley Entertainment Destination Center
   113.29   NuLu Marketplace Entertainment Destination Center
Operating Regulations
   113.40   Liquor; hours of sale
   113.41   Beer; hours of sale
   113.42   Reserved
   113.43   Minors; prohibitions governing
   113.44   Display of printed warning
   113.45   Treating prohibited
   113.46   Premises; approval of by Health Department and Fire Prevention
   113.47   Books and records
   113.48   Spirits outside locked department; discovery of
   113.49   Operation without a license
   113.50   Nude or nearly nude activities prohibited
   113.51   Licensee to notify employee that sales to minors prohibited; acknowledgment
   113.52   Licensee to notify employee that proof of age required
   113.53   Current driver license book required
   113.54   Sales to minors prohibited; defense
Administration and Enforcement
   113.81   Failure to pay fines
   113.82   Practice and procedure
   113.98   Severability
   113.99   Penalty