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   (a)   Whenever by any provision of this Code, any license, permit or certificate of qualification is required for carrying on any business, trade, craft, profession or occupation and as a prerequisite the issuance thereof any examination fee shall be required in any case where the applicant for the license, permit or certificate was previously the holder of a similar one, provided the applicant shows that his failure to renew the former license, permit or certificate, or to keep it in full force and effect, resulted from his induction or entrance into the armed forces of the United States or of any allied nation, and provided the application for renewal is made within six months after the applicant’s honorable discharge from service, and provided proof satisfactory to the issuing board or officer of the city is furnished by the applicant that he has not been physically or mentally incapacitated to properly carry on the business, trade, craft, profession or occupation in question.
   (b)   Whenever, as to any such license, permit or certificate of qualification, a fee is charged both for the original issuance and for the annual renewal thereof, any application made as provided in Subsection (a) shall be deemed an application for a renewal, and the current renewal fee only shall be charged therefor, to be prorated for the unexpired portion of the license year; except that in no case shall the required renewal fee be less than $1.00.
   (c)   This section shall be construed to apply as to licenses required under Article I of Chapter 2 of this Code.