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Sec. 19.170. Purpose.
   The purpose of this chapter is to implement the "City of Los Angeles City Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone (UAIZ) Program", which promotes urban agriculture and increases access to healthy food in accordance with California Government Code Sections 51040, et seq., and County of Los Angeles Planning and Zoning Code (County Planning Code) Sections 22.52.3400, et seq., as amended from time to time. Under the UAIZ Program a property owner may voluntarily enter into an agreement with the City to use vacant or unimproved property for small-scale agricultural purposes (UAIZ Contract), and be subject to a reduced property tax assessment under California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 422.7 during the term of the agreement.
Chapter and Section Added by Ord. No. 185,022, Eff. 8-6-17.