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Sec. 1712.  Actuarial Determinations and Tier 6 Unfunded Liabilities.
   (a)   Actuarial Standards.  The Fire and Police Pension Plan – Tier 6 shall be maintained on a reserve basis which, for the purposes of this Tier 6, shall mean one which provides for the accumulation and maintenance of the Fire and Police Tier 6 Service Pension Fund and the Fire and Police Tier 6 General Pension Fund which together will at all times be equal to the difference between the present value of the obligations assumed and the present value of the monies to be received for paying such obligations, where such present values are estimated in accordance with accepted actuarial methods and on the basis of an assumed rate of interest and the mathematical probabilities of the occurrence of such contingencies as affect both the payment of the assumed obligations and the receipt of monies with which they are to be paid in accordance with the provisions of Charter Section 1210(b)(3), applied as if the term "Tier 3" as used therein were "Tier 6", and Section 1714.
   (b)   Actuarial Valuations.  The Board shall secure an actuarial valuation showing the cost of maintaining the plan and funds on such reserve basis and, at intervals of not to exceed five years, shall cause to be made an actuarial investigation including, but not limited to, the mortality, service and salary experience of the Plan Members and other beneficiaries and shall further cause to be made annually an actuarial valuation of the assets and liabilities of the funds.
   The Board, from time to time and with the advice of the investment counsel, shall establish such an assumed rate of interest for the purpose of actuarial valuations, as in its judgment seems proper in the light of the experience and prospective earnings on the investment of the funds.
   (c)   Retention of Actuary.  The Board shall retain a competent consulting actuary for the purpose of making the necessary actuarial studies, reports, investigations and valuations and shall, with the advice of the actuary, adopt such actuarial assumptions as shall be necessary.
   (d)   Accounting for Unrealized Profits and Losses.  With the advice of the consulting actuary and of the investment counsel, the Board, for the purpose of the actuarial valuations, may provide by rule for the manner and the extent to which any unrealized profits or losses in the equity type investments of the funds shall be taken into account.
   (e)   Unfunded Liabilities.  The unfunded liabilities of the Fire and Police Pension Plan – Tier 6 shall be funded in accordance with the actuarial funding method adopted by the Board upon the advice of its consulting actuary.  With the advice of the consulting actuary, the Board shall establish amortization policies for unfunded actuarial accrued liabilities and surpluses.
Added by Charter Amendment G § 1, approved March 8, 2011, effective April 8, 2011.