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Sec. 1220.  Merger and Coordination of Separate Tiers.
   Notwithstanding any provision of this Part 3 to the contrary, effective July 1, 2001:
   (a)   The separate Tiers of the Plan shall be merged together and shall thereafter be the single Fire and Police Pension Plan;
   (b)   The assets of the separate Service Pension Funds, General Pension Funds and other funds described in this Part 3 shall become the assets of the single Plan, but the funds may be accounted for separately by the Board for record keeping, actuarial and other administrative purposes.  If the total of the items calculated under Section 1210(b) with respect to a single Tier is a negative number, the assets allocated to that Tier shall be reduced by the amount of such negative number that is applied as an offset to a positive total of items for another Tier.  In addition, such offset shall be treated as an increase of assets allocated to such other Tier; and
   (c)   All of the assets in the Plan, regardless of the fund to which they may be assigned for record keeping, actuarial or other administrative purposes, shall be available to pay any of the benefits provided for under the Plan, except as otherwise provided by Section 401(h) of the Internal Revenue Code.
   (d)   Notwithstanding the preceding subsections of this section, Member Contributions shall be paid into the applicable Service Pension Fund, and the moneys in the Service Pension Fund(s) shall continue to be applied solely to the payment of service pensions and, if applicable, refunds to Members.
   (e)   The Council is hereby authorized to provide by ordinance conforming and technical changes to this Part to implement the intention of this Section that the Tiers function as different benefit structures within the single Plan.  Ordinances adopted pursuant to this section shall be adopted in the same manner as provided in Section 1618(b) of this Charter.
Added by Charter Amendment A § 5, approved June 5, 2001, effective July 10, 2001.