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Sec. 7.40. Payment of Fees.
   Where a petition or application is made to the City Council to quitclaim to petitioner or applicant any interest in real property held by the City of Los Angeles, including, but not limited to, any sanitary sewer, storm drain or street lighting easement, but not including any easement subject to the provisions of Article 6 of this division, the Bureau of Engineering shall process and investigate the petition or application. Before acceptance for processing and investigation, the Bureau of Engineering shall charge and collect a fee of $6,613. The provisions of this section shall not apply to proceedings initiated by the Board of Public Works or the City Council.
Added by Ord. No. 149,391, Eff. 4-8-77.
Amended by: Ord. No. 152,776, Eff. 9-21-79; Ord. No. 155,518, Eff. 8-9-81; Ord. No. 163,802, Eff. 8-15-88; Ord. No. 163,804, Eff. 8-15-88; Ord. No. 182,237, Eff. 9-28-12; Ord. No. 184,054, Eff. 3-6-16.