Parking Meters
353.01   Definitions.
353.02   Parking within marked lines of meter spaces.
353.03   Meter installation and control.
353.04   Deposit of coin required.
353.05   Maximum period of parking time.
353.06   Time of meter operation.
353.07   Unlawful parking.
353.08   Violation by registered owner of vehicle.
353.09   Violation by operator of  vehicle.
353.10   Duty of police officer issuing citation.
353.11   Collection of coins from parking meters.
353.12   Application of fund.
353.13   Street meter zones and fees.
353.14   Off-street meter zones and fees.
353.15   Lot monthly parking rates.
353.16   Notice and waiver.
353.99   Penalty.
Off-street parking facilities - see Ohio R.C. 717.05 et seq.
Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking - see TRAF. 351.02