General Provisions
   156.001   Findings of fact
   156.002   Purpose
   156.003   Applicability
   156.004   Compatibility with other permit and ordinance requirements
   156.005   Development of a storm water design manual
   156.006   Definitions
Permit Procedures and Requirements
   156.015   Permit required
   156.016   Application requirements
   156.017   Application review fees
   156.018   Application procedure
   156.019   Permit duration
Waivers to Storm Water Management Requirements
   156.025   Waivers for providing storm water management
   156.026   Fee in lieu of storm water management practices
   156.027   Dedication of land
General Performance Criteria for Storm Water Management
   156.035   General performance criteria for storm water management
Basic Storm Water Management Design Criteria
   156.040   Minimum control requirements
   156.041   Site design feasibility
   156.042   Conveyance issues
   156.043   Pretreatment requirements
   156.044   Treatment/geometry conditions
   156.045   Landscaping plans required
   156.046   Maintenance agreements
   156.047   Nonstructural storm water practices
Requirements for Storm Water Management Plan Approval
   156.055   Storm water management plan required for all developments
   156.056   Storm water management concept plan requirements
   156.057   Final storm water management plan requirements
   156.058   Performance bond/security
Construction Inspection
   156.065   Notice of construction commencement
   156.066   As-built plans
   156.067   Landscaping and stabilization requirements
Maintenance and Repair of Storm Water Facilities
   156.075   Maintenance easement
   156.076   Maintenance covenants
   156.077   Requirements for maintenance covenants
   156.078   Inspection of storm water facilities
   156.079   Right of entry for inspection
   156.080   Records of installation and maintenance
   156.081   Failure to maintain practices
Enforcement and Penalties
   156.090   Violations
   156.091   Notice of violation
   156.092   Stop work orders
   156.093   Civil penalties
   156.094   Restoration of lands
   156.095   Holds on occupation permits