(A)   The applicant must notify the town in advance before the commencement of construction.
   (B)   Regular inspections of the storm water management system construction shall be conducted by town staff or certified by a professional engineer, or his or her designee, who has been approved by the town.
   (C)   All inspections shall be documented and written reports prepared that contain the following information:
      (1)   The date and location of the inspection;
      (2)   Whether construction is in compliance with the approved storm water management plan;
      (3)   Any variations from the approved construction specifications; and
      (4)   Any violations that exist.
   (D)   If any violations are found, the property owner shall be notified in writing of the nature of the violation and the required corrective actions.
   (E)   No added work shall proceed until any violations are corrected and all work previously completed has received approval by the town.
(Ord. 0504, passed 12-12-05)