(A)   Inspection programs may be established on any reasonable basis, including but not limited to: routine inspections; random inspections; inspections based upon complaints or other notice of possible violations; inspection of drainage basins or areas identified as higher than typical sources of sediment or other contaminants or pollutants; inspections of businesses or industries of a type associated with higher than usual discharges of contaminants or pollutants, or with discharges of a type more likely than the typical discharge to cause violations of state or federal water or sediment quality standards or the NPDES storm water permit; and joint inspections with other agencies inspecting under environmental or safety laws.
   (B)   Inspections may include, but are not limited to: reviewing maintenance and repair records; sampling discharges, surface water, groundwater, and material or water in drainage control facilities; and evaluating the condition of drainage control facilities and other storm water treatment practices.
(Ord. 0504, passed 12-12-05)