(A)   A storm water management concept plan shall be required with all permit applications, and will include sufficient information (e.g., maps, hydrologic calculations, and the like) to evaluate the environmental characteristics of the project site, the potential impacts of all proposed development of the site, both present and future, on the water resources, and the effectiveness and acceptability of the measures proposed for managing storm water generated at the project site.
   (B)   The intent of this conceptual planning process is to determine the type of storm water management measures necessary for the proposed project, and to ensure adequate planning for management of storm water runoff from future development.
   (C)   To accomplish this goal, the following information shall be included in the concept plan:
      (1)   A map (or maps) indicating the location of existing and proposed buildings, roads, parking areas, utilities, structural storm water management and sediment control facilities.
         (a)   The map(s) will also clearly show proposed land uses, with tabulation of the percentage of surface area to be adapted to various uses; drainage patterns; locations of utilities, roads and easements; the limits of clearing and grading.
         (b)   A written description of the site plan and justification of proposed changes in natural conditions may also be required.
      (2)   Sufficient engineering analysis to show that the proposed storm water management measures are capable of controlling runoff from the site in compliance with this chapter and the specifications of the storm water design manual.
      (3)   A written or graphic inventory of the natural resources at the site and surrounding area as it exists prior to the commencement of the project, and a description of the watershed and its relation to the project site.
         (a)   This description should include a discussion of soil conditions, forest cover, topography, wetlands and other native vegetative areas on the site.
         (b)   Particular attention should be paid to environmentally sensitive features that provide particular opportunities or constraints for development.
      (4)   A written description of the required maintenance burden for any proposed storm water management facility.
      (5)   The town may also require a concept plan to consider the maximum development potential of a site under existing zoning, regardless of whether the applicant presently intends to develop the site to its maximum potential.
   (D)   For development or redevelopment occurring on a previously developed site, an applicant shall be required to include within the storm water concept plan measures for controlling, to the maximum extent practicable, existing storm water runoff discharges from the site in accordance with the standards of this chapter.
(Ord. 0504, passed 12-12-05)