(A)   No application for development will be approved unless it includes a storm water management plan detailing in concept how runoff and associated water quality impacts resulting from the development will be controlled or managed.
   (B)   This plan must:
      (1)   Be prepared by an individual approved by the town; and
      (2)   Indicate whether storm water will be managed on-site or off-site, and if on-site, the general location and type of practices.
   (C)   The storm water management plan(s) shall be referred for comment to all other interested agencies, and any comments must be addressed in a final storm water management plan.
   (D)   This final plan must be signed by a licensed professional engineer (PE), who will verify that the design of all storm water management practices meets the submittal requirements outlined in the submittal checklist found in the storm water design manual.
   (E)   No building, grading, or sediment control permit shall be issued until a satisfactory final storm water management plan, or a waiver thereof, shall have undergone a review and been approved by the town, after determining that the plan or waiver is consistent with the requirements of this chapter.
(Ord. 0504, passed 12-12-05)