Community Antenna Television Systems
820.01   Definitions.
820.02   Philosophy of Council; objectives.
820.03   Intent; findings.
820.04   Maximum value service required; annual review.
820.05   Considerations for review.
820.06   Scope of service and operations.
820.07   Chapter as enabling ordinance.
820.08   Operator's responsibility re franchises,  licenses and permits.
820.09   Violations of franchises, licenses and permits; nonpayment of fees.
820.10   Performance delays; time extensions.
820.11   Permit required.
820.12   Nonexclusiveness of permits.
820.13   Permit expiration.
820.14   Plans and specifications; obtaining agreements and approval; timetable for making service available.
820.15   Effective date of permit ordinance; filing acceptance.
820.16   Permit revocation.
820.17   Permit term; renewal.
820.18   Services exempted.
820.19   Imposition of fees.
820.20   Payment of fees.
820.21   Payment method.
820.22   Inspection of books, records, etc.
820.23   Indemnification of city.
820.24   Insurance.
820.25   Removal of equipment.
820.26   Bonds.
820.27   Availability of basic service.
820.28   Extensions of service; notification.
820.29   Availability of expanded service.
820.30   Service to multiple-unit buildings.
820.31   Discriminatory practices prohibited.
820.32   Voluntary subscriptions.
820.33   Construction requirements; enforcement by mayor.
820.34   Operating requirements.
820.35   Business office, location and hours; resolving complaints.
820.36   Chief management employee.
820.37   Provision of facilities for emergencies and disasters.
820.38   Provision of basic service to schools.
820.39   Provision of services for Municipal use.
820.40   Video channel for Municipal use.
820.41   Conformity to broadcasting codes.
820.42   Carriage of local stations.
820.43   Transmission and distribution of signals.
820.44   Sale, leasing or servicing of television receivers prohibited.
820.45   Installation or repair of distribution systems prohibited.
820.46   Political uses prohibited.
820.47   Authority of City to establish rates.
820.48   Filing proposed rate schedule for approval.
820.49   Notification and hearing for rate changes.
820.50   Maximum charges.
820.51   Schedules for commercial establishments.
820.52   Schedules for unconventional services.
820.53   Filing rules, regulations and policies.
820.54   Interpretation; conflicts.
820.55   Separability.
820.99   Penalty.
   Interrupting or impairing television service - see Ohio R.C. 2909.04
   Regulation of political broadcasts - see Ohio R.C. 3599.09
   Community Access Channel Commission - see ADM. Ch. 288
   "Property" defined to include cable television service - see GEN. OFF. 606.01(o)
   Excessive noise from televisions - see GEN. OFF. 634.04
   "Services" defined to include cable television service - see GEN. OFF. 642.01(a), (r)
   Satellite dish antennas - see P. & Z. 1252.02
   Telecommunications facilities - see B. & H. Ch. 1478