90.01   Dogs or other animals running at large; nuisance, dangerous or vicious dogs; hearings
   90.02   Impounding and disposition; records
   90.03   Annual registration of dogs; tags required
   90.04   Abandoning animals
   90.05   Injuring animals
   90.06   Poisoning animals
   90.07   Cruelty to animals; cruelty to companion animals
   90.08   Nuisance conditions prohibited
   90.09   Barking or howling dogs
   90.10   Animal bites; reports and quarantine
   90.11   Hunting prohibited
   90.12   Coloring rabbits or baby poultry; sale or display of poultry
   90.13   Keeping of certain animals a nuisance; exceptions
   90.14   Harboring of bees; abatement
   90.15   Wild and feral animals
   90.16   Cleaning up after pets
   90.17   Restrictions on dog ownership for certain convicted felons
   90.18   Sexual conduct with an animal
   90.99   Penalty