(A)   The City of Linton, Indiana, hereby adopts the procedure set out in I.C. 36-4-6-5 for the establishment of a five-member governing body.
   (B)   The legislative body shall be composed of five members elected from districts established under division (C) below.
   (C)   (1)   The legislative body shall divide the city into five districts that:
         (a)   Are composed of contiguous territory;
         (b)   Are reasonably compact; and
         (c)   Contain, as nearly as possible, equal population.
      (2)   This division shall be made in 1982 and then every ten years thereafter.
   (D)   Each voter of the City of Linton may vote for one candidate.  The candidates receiving the most votes in their respective districts are elected to the legislative body.
   (E)   This section shall take effect and be in force on and after its passage and approval by the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Linton, Indiana.
(Ord. 82-15, passed 8-10-1982)