Lewisville’s uniqueness and charm is displayed in part in its desire to engage its citizens in a welcoming way that is both entertaining and inventive. This desire to be a community that truly embraces its citizens sets Lewisville apart and positions it as a flagship model for towns across America. In so doing, Lewisville gives its citizens a purpose for being involved, as well as a sense of belonging and shared ownership in their community. This feeling of propriety leaves them with the overwhelming feeling that Lewisville is the “place to be.” Citizen Engagement remains at the very heart of Lewisville’s Comprehensive Plan and has existed so since its inception.
Design and fund-raising efforts of residents and the town have paid off — Shallowford (Town) Square received tremendous community support. The design for this park provides a variety of interesting amenities for residents of all ages  Shallowford Square also gained state-wide recognition and has received grant money from the state Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF). The project received acclaim for its uniqueness and the value it affords the community.
Soon after incorporation, Lewisville set aside tax dollars for programming and functions in the Town Square. These events not only serve to entertain the citizens of Lewisville, but also to educate and build social capital, exposing citizens of all age groups and social strata to a variety of enriching experiences. Past and present events have included musical plays, 4th of July celebrations, movie nights, musical presentations, family fun days, and special seasonal events, such as Street Party, Shalloween and Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.
To produce these events and celebrations, the Town has wisely partnered with local non-profits, further enhancing their desire for building social capital, as well as supporting goal-oriented and hard working local citizens. Such groups include the the Lewisville Civic Club, the Lewisville Area Arts Council, the Lewisville Historical Society, the American Legion and many other local, registered non-profits.
In the future, events will continue to be funded by the town and new events added or deleted as demand changes.
In keeping with the standard established in 1991, the Town annually reviews the current per citizen rate designed to cover costs of funded events, and adjusts accordingly. The standard is based on the “going rate’ of the average movie ticket, established at that time as $5.50 per citizen. Since the 2015 average movie ticket price is $8.50, this review is needed in order to maintain the current level of events and new opportunities.
To further engage its citizens and in conjunction with funded events, the Town has developed an array of communication means designed to reach all of its current and projected citizens, keeping the Town current with modern technology, informing them of proposed upcoming events, and offering them maximum opportunities for citizen engagement.  Examples of these communications are Time Warner cable channel 6 (Lewisville’s local news and information channel), a YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and the Town’s phone notification system. In addition to media, the Town also provides the Lewisville Citizen newsletter, centrally located bulletin boards, banners, sandwich boards announcing upcoming events, flyers, posters and a dedicated telephone line with event information.
Lewisville, in the year 2035, will continue to provide entertaining, educational and comprehensive means of engaging Lewisville’s citizens.
Implementation Program
Recommended Action
Action Steps
Responsible Agency
Time Frame
Goal - Embrace and encourage citizens through involvement in various activities and shared ownership of the community.
CE1 - Continue to sponsor and fund entertaining, educational, cultural and social events in Lewisville for citizens of all ages.
* Continue funding thru tax dollars.
* Review past and present events for appropriateness.
CE2 - Consider expanding events as needs arise and funding becomes available.
* Explore other possible event ideas to engage Lewisville citizens.
* Support a locally produced and written historical play to be performed for citizens.
Civic Groups
Goal - Develop an advertising campaign to further educate and engage Lewisville citizens, providing maximum opportunities for citizen engagement.
CE3 - Continue to use various types of media to communicate with the citizens to create a better awareness of the events and opportunities available.
* Continue to use existing media sources.
* Consider additional electronic media methods.
* Continue to utilize and expand the use of cable TV network Channel 6 as a prime media source for broadcasting the message of Lewisville and the opportunities available to its citizens and improve the audio quality.
* Review methods and procedures for updating public information and ensure that contact is timely.
* Utilize the phone notification system to provide information to citizens.
* Redesign the town’s web site.
* Utilize Facebook as a way to engage citizens.
CE4 - Review the current per resident rate to ensure support of existing events and the possibility of additional events.
* Review comparable movie rates and adjust as budget allows.
* Continue to review event costs.
Goal - Develop a better awareness of the rich history and heritage of Lewisville. (Also see Chapter 2 Community Character for additional information.)
CE5 - Further encourage the ongoing efforts of the Lewisville Historical Society to make the Nissen House into an educational, cultural, social and historic resource serving Lewisville, the Piedmont Triad and beyond.
* Visit comparable facilities in other towns.
Goal - Explore the possibility of Lewisville establishing Wi-Fi throughout the town limits.
CE6 - Explore the technical aspects, cost, logistics and benefits of implementing Wi-Fi technology in the community.
* Consult with the Council of Governments on the feasibility of Wi-Fi.
Short Term
Time Frame:
Immediate = directly - without delay
Annually = once each year
Short Term = within 5 years
Long Term = within 5-10 years
Ongoing = continuous