General Provisions
   115.01   Definitions
   115.02   Markings required
   115.03   Rates and fares to be posted inside
   115.04   Insurance required
   115.05   Owner information file
   115.06   Filing description
   115.07   Restriction on number of passengers
   115.08   Passenger safety regulations
   115.09   Taxicab parking generally
Certificate of Taxicab Company Operation
   115.20   Required; application generally
   115.21   Board of Commissioners review of application; public hearing
   115.22   Investigation of application for certificate
   115.23   Factors bearing upon issuance or denial of certificate
   115.24   Issuance; terms and conditions; grounds for denial
   115.25   Revocation of certificates
   115.26   Annual license tax imposed; validity of certificate contingent upon, payment of tax
   115.27   Effect of failure to begin operations within 30 days from grant of certificate
   115.28   Transferability of certificates
   115.40   Permit required
   115.41   Application for permit
   115.42   Investigation by Chief of Police
   115.43   Issuance of permit
   115.44   A driver's permit and license to be displayed at all times
   115.45   Annual renewal of permits
   115.46   Revocation
   115.47   Appeals
   115.99   Penalty