(A)   Location. All aboveground tanks shall be constructed at a reasonable distance, as determined by the Fire Chief or the Fire Marshal from adjoining property lines, other storage tanks and railroad tracks, as well as at least 50 yards from places of human inhabitation and public assembly.
   (B)   Fences; dikes. Fences to keep loiterers away and dikes to confine escaping liquids, in case of collapse or leakage of storage tanks, may be required to be built around aboveground storage tanks as public safety demands in the judgment of the City Council, the Fire Chief or the Fire Marshal.
   (C)   Construction; warning signs; height. All aboveground tanks shall be built on a firm, fireproof foundation; shall be electrically grounded; shall be painted with rust resisting paint; shall be conspicuously marked in letters at least three inches high, "Inflammable, Keep Flames Away"; and shall be fitted with safety valves. No vertical tank shall extend more than 30 feet above ground.
(Prior Code, § 9-11) (Ord. 479, passed - -) Penalty, see § 10.99