(A)   Open flames, smoking and the like in storage or handling areas. No person shall allow any flames or open fires on any premises where dangerous materials are stored or handled; nor allow any combustible material to collect on the premises nor smoke within 50 feet of the premises.
   (B)   Starting or feeding open flames; use of benzine or gasoline for fuel oil thinner. No person shall use dangerous liquids in starting or feeding any open flames, except in specially designed burners, nor use benzine or gasoline as a thinner in fuel oil.
   (C)   Storage or handling in multi-family buildings. No person shall store or handle any dangerous liquids in any building housing more than one family, nor allow any dangerous liquids to be fed to any stationary internal combustion engines or to the burner in any heating system, except by a pump.
   (D)   Location of fuel oil tanks. Fuel oil storage tanks for domestic use shall be located outside of buildings and underground where practicable; when located inside a building the above ground storage tank for fuel oil shall not exceed 275 gallons. When used under the constant direction of an attendant, fuel oil storage in a commercial building shall not exceed 5,000 gallons, and in a fire resistant building, 10,000 gallons.
(Prior Code, § 9-15) (Ord. 479, passed - -) Penalty, see § 10.99