(A)   Underground tanks required. All tanks used for the storage of dangerous liquids at stations maintained for giving service to motor vehicles shall be underground tanks.
   (B)   Delivery to tanks. Delivery of dangerous liquids from tank wagons or cars to the underground storage tank shall be made solely through the filling pipe of the tank wagon or car.
   (C)   Delivery from tanks. Delivery of dangerous liquids from the storage tank shall be made through pumps, mechanically perfect and so constructed as to prevent leaking or splashing.
   (D)   Construction generally; heating facilities. Buildings used as service stations shall be constructed of fire resistant materials and heated by steam or hot water, the heating plant to be enclosed within a fireproof room. Service stations already constructed shall not be obliged to comply with this requirement, but in no event shall they be heated by stoves.
   (E)   Delivery to vehicle with running motor prohibited. No person shall dispense any dangerous liquids to a motor vehicle while the motor of the vehicle is running.
   (F)   Maximum volume allowed. The maximum amount of storage of dangerous liquids permitted in any service station must comply with state code or regulations promulgated by state agencies.
(Prior Code, § 9-13) (Ord. 479, passed - -) Penalty, see § 10.99