(A)   No person shall transport, or possess, more than six gallons of any dangerous liquids in any building or more than 12 gallons outside of any building without a permit.
(Prior Code, § 9-7)
   (B)   Any person desiring a permit for the transportation or possession of dangerous liquids shall apply therefor to the City Administrator on a form provided at the City Hall. The application shall be approved by the Fire Chief or the Fire Marshal if, upon inspection, it shall be determined that the granting of a permit will not materially cause or increase a fire hazard. Upon receipt of an approved permit application and the payment of a permit fee in an amount determined by City Council, the City Administrator shall issue a permit to the applicant for the purpose stated in the application. The permit shall be valid for one year from its issuance, subject to revocation by the City Council upon 30 days’ notice and hearing if, at any time in the judgment of the City Council or Fire Chief or Fire Marshal, its continuance would endanger public safety.
(Prior Code, § 9-8)
(Ord. 479, passed - -) Penalty, see § 10.99