General Provisions
   54.001   Definitions
   54.002   Resale
   54.003   Liability of city for pressure conditions or interruption of service
   54.004   Authority to shut off water supply without notice
   54.005   Repairs by employees of Water Department; payment of Water Department employees for services
   54.006   Procedure for turning on water in vacant house
   54.007   Turning water on or off at curb or meter
   54.008   Direct supply to stationary steam boiler
   54.009   Installation of boilers and other heaters
   54.010   Right of entry of employees of Water Department; identification badges
   54.011   Water pipes laid in streets to become property of Water Department
   54.012   Water supply for construction sites
   54.013   Use of water for testing
   54.014   Supplier of miscellaneous services
Administration and Enforcement
   54.025   Water Department created; supervision
   54.026   Scope of Water Department; jurisdiction and responsibility
   54.027   Water Superintendent; appointment
   54.028   Water Superintendent; duties and compensation
   54.029   City Council may provide rules and regulations by resolution
   54.030   Water main fund
   54.040   Request to Water Department required
   54.041   Notice to Water Department required
Water Conservation
   54.050   Purpose and intent
   54.051   Authority of City Manager
   54.052   General prohibition; applicability
   54.053   Determination of water shortage
   54.054   Procedures
   54.055   Stage I - normal water supplies (up to 10% shortage range)
   54.056   Stage II - slightly limited water supplies (up to 20% shortage range)
   54.057   Stage III - moderately limited water supplies (up to 30% shortage range)
   54.058   Stage IV - limited water supplies (up to 40% shortage range)
   54.059   Stage V - significantly limited water supplies (up to 50% shortage range)
   54.060   Stage VI - severe shortage or catastrophic incident (greater than 50% shortage range)
   54.061   Penalties
   54.062   Relief from compliance
   54.063   Hearing regarding violations
   54.064.1   Landscape and water conservation
   54.064.2   Water efficient landscape development standards
Fire Hydrants
   54.065   Persons authorized to use
   54.066   Procedure for opening and closing
   54.067   Debris about fire hydrants
   54.068   Applications for use of water from fire hydrants; connection and installation of meter for supply
   54.069   Permit to carry water away
   54.080   Application
   54.081   Sizing of water meters and services
   54.082   Cost of errors
   54.083   Conditions
   54.084   Delinquency in prior bills grounds for refusal of service
   54.085   Supply to two or more buildings
   54.086   Temporary connections
   54.087   Curb cock
   54.088   Fire service connections
   54.089   Emergency shut-off valve
   54.090   Relocation of connection
   54.091   Residential fire sprinkler systems
Meters and Appurtenances
   54.100   Metering required; bypasses forbidden
   54.101   Title and repair
   54.102   Duties of consumer
   54.103   Removal of nonregistering meters; notice of removal; liability
Charges and Deposits; Generally
   54.115   Guarantee deposits; when required
   54.116   Interest
   54.117   Application
   54.118   Reserved
   54.119   Districts
   54.120   Day of meter reading
   54.121   Day of bills mailed; time for payment
   54.122   Rates for vacant property; exception
   54.123   Two or more meters
   54.124   Readings monthly or bimonthly
   54.125   Checking when large consumption occurs; average bills prepared where obstruction exists or meter fails to register
   54.126   Places where bills to be mailed
   54.127   Penalty for delinquency in payment of bill
   54.128   Liability for water used without application for service; discontinuance of service
   54.129   Procedure for shutting off water
   54.130   When requested by consumer
   54.131   Disconnection of service for nonpayment
   54.132   Water impact fee
Charges for Installation
   54.145   Rent and the like not to be charged for placement or maintenance
   54.146   Schedule of charges
   54.147   When basement excavated to curb line
   54.148   Where service installation exceeds 50 feet in length
   54.149   Automatic fire sprinkler services
   54.150   Increases in size of service and meter
   54.151   Temporary services
   54.152   Charges for existing mains
   54.153   Deposit required; refunds
   54.154   Extension without deposit
   54.155   Design, location of extensions
   54.156   Extension to unsubdivided areas
   54.157   Charges of cost
   54.158   Extension to areas subdivided by means of conveyances; charges, generally
   54.159   Provision for rental charges
   54.160   Design and cost of extension to certain subdivided areas
   54.161   Alternate procedure for extensions
   54.162   Mains to be installed prior to paving of streets
Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention
   54.175   Purpose
   54.176   Definitions
   54.177   Where protection required
   54.178   Type of protection
   54.179   Responsibility
   54.180   Discontinuance of service
   54.181   Right of entry
Water Companies
   54.190   Certificate of public convenience and necessity
   54.191   Application fee
   54.192   Contents of application
   54.193   Hearing
   54.194   Publication of notice
   54.195   Investigation of necessity
   54.196   Issuance
   54.197   Cancellation upon discontinuance of business
   54.198   Right to obtain new certificate upon transfer of ownership
   54.199   Suspension and renovation
   54.200   Grounds for denial of application and suspension or revocation
   54.201   Existing companies
   54.202   Rules and regulations
   54.215   Purpose; authority and implementation
   54.216   Definitions
   54.217   Permit required
   54.218   Conditions of permit approval
   54.219   Conditions of permit denial
   54.220   Expiration or extension of permit
   54.221   Permit revocation or suspension
   54.222   Hearings
   54.223   License and registration of drillers and contractors
   54.224   State standards adopted
   54.225   Lateral or horizontal well standards
   54.226   Required inspection of well site
   54.227   Required inspection of wells
   54.228   Discharge of drilling fluids
   54.229   General location of wells
   54.230   Well logs
   54.231   Water well surface construction features
   54.232   Disinfection
   54.233   Water quality standards
   54.234   Private well evaluation
   54.235   Well abandonment
   54.236   Public nuisance abatement
   54.237   Declaration of proposed re-use
   54.238   Administrative variance
   54.999   Penalty
   Water service within the city, see Ch. 56