Noise Control
649.01    Definitions.
649.02    Musical instruments.
649.03    Steam whistles.
649.04    Radios, phonographs, etc.
649.05    Sound trucks, public address systems and loud speakers.
649.06    Exhausts.
649.07    Building or property use restrictions.
649.08    Restriction on use of heavy duty equipment.
649.09    Motor vehicle limits.
649.10    Power equipment and hand tool limits.
649.11    Permitting noise pollution.
649.12    Noise in residential districts or affecting residential or institutional
649.13    Noise in Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts.
649.14    Noise from mobile noise sources.
649.15    Noise in places used for entertainment.
649.16    Quiet zones.
649.17    Compliance with zoning district performance standards.
649.18    Noise level measurements.
649.19    Zoning district restrictions; construction site exceptions.
649.20    Playing of or permitting adverse noise from sound amplifying
   devices prohibited.
649.21    Test procedures for power equipment and hand tools.
649.22    Test procedures for motor vehicles and zoning districts.
649.23    Nuisance abatement; legal proceedings.
649.24    Common-law nuisance remedy unimpaired.
         Blasting - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 620
         Peace disturbances - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 648
         Nuisance - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 662