Chapter 1
Name of Boundaries
   Section 1.1   Name and Boundaries
Chapter 2
Municipal Powers
   Section 2.1   General Powers
   Section 2.2   Further Definition of Powers
   Section 2.3   Further Definition of Powers
   Section 2.4   Intergovernmental Contracts
   Section 2.5   Outside Fire Protection
Chapter 3
   Section 3.1   Election Districts; Voting Precincts
   Section 3.2   Qualification of Electors
   Section 3.3   Election Procedures
   Section 3.4   Election Dates
   Section 3.5   Elective Officers and Terms of Office
   Section 3.6   Nominations
   Section 3.7   Approval of Petitions
   Section 3.8   Public Inspection of Petitions
   Section 3.9   Election Commission
   Section 3.10   Election Inspectors
   Section 3.11   Notice of Election
   Section 3.12   Voting Hours
   Section 3.13   Form of Ballot
   Section 3.14   Special Elections
   Section 3.15   Canvass of Votes
   Section 3.16   Recount
   Section 3.17   Recall
   Section 3.18   Tie Vote
   Section 3.19   Absentee Ballot
Chapter 4
Organization of Government
   Section 4.1   The Commission:
   Section 4.2   Remuneration of Members of the Commission
   Section 4.3   Selection of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem
   Section 4.4   Duties of Mayor
   Section 4.5   City Manager
   Section 4.6   Functions of the City Manager
   Section 4.7   Other Administrative Officers
   Section 4.8   Appointment of Administrative Officers and Employees of the City
   Section 4.9   Appointment of Other Officers, Heads of Department, and Employees
   Section 4.10   Duties of Administrative Officers
   Section 4.11   City Treasurer
   Section 4.12   City Officers and Employees Benefits
Chapter 5
General Provisions Regarding Officers and Personnel of the City
   Section 5.1   Eligibility for Office in City
   Section 5.2   Residence Requirements for Appointive Officers
   Section 5.3   Nepotism
   Section 5.4   Vacancies in Office
   Section 5.5   Removals from Office
   Section 5.6   Resignations
   Section 5.7   Filling Vacancies
   Section 5.8   No Change in Term of Office or Compensation
   Section 5.9   Compensation of Employees and Officers
   Section 5.10   Oath of Office and Bond
   Section 5.11   Surety Bonds
   Section 5.12   Delivery of Office
Chapter 6
Functions of the Commission
   Section 6.1   Public Health and Safety
   Section 6.2   Police Department
   Section 6.3   Fire Department
   Section 6.4   Ambulance Service
   Section 6.5   Health
   Section 6.6   Meetings of the Commission
   Section 6.7   Investigations
   Section 6.8   Restriction on the Commission
Chapter 7
City Legislation
   Section 7.1   Ordinance Enactment
   Section 7.2   Penalties
   Section 7.3   Publication of Ordinances
   Section 7.4   Special Procedure on Vote on Certain Commission Actions
   Section 7.5   Technical Codes
   Section 7.6   Franchise and Contracts
   Section 7.7   Compilation
   Section 7.8   Initiative and Referendum
   Section 7.9   Petitions
   Section 7.10   Commission Procedure
   Section 7.11   Submission to Electors
   Section 7.12   Ordinance Suspended
Chapter 8
General Finance
   Section 8.1   Fiscal Year
   Section 8.2   Budget Procedure
   Section 8.3   Budget Document
   Section 8.4   Budget Hearing
   Section 8.5   Adoption of Budget, Tax Limit
   Section 8.6   Transfer of Appropriations
   Section 8.7   Budget Control
   Section 8.8   Depository
   Section 8.9   Independent Audit
Chapter 9
   Section 9.1   Power to Tax and Secure Revenue
   Section 9.2   Subjects of Taxation
   Section 9.3   Assessment
   Section 9.4   Time for Making Assessment Rolls
   Section 9.5   Board of Review
   Section 9.6   Meeting of Board of Review
   Section 9.7   Organization and Functions of the Board of Review
   Section 9.8   Endorsement of Roll - Validity
   Section 9.9   Clerk to Certify Levy
   Section 9.10   City Tax Roll
   Section 9.11   Tax Roll Certified for Collection
   Section 9.12   Taxes Lien on Property
   Section 9.13   Taxes Due: Notification
   Section 9.14   Collection of City Taxes
   Section 9.15   Delinquent Tax Roll to County Treasurer
   Section 9.16   Protection of City Lien
   Section 9.17   
Chapter 10
Borrowing Power
   Section 10.1   Grant of Authority to Borrow
   Section 10.2   Limits of Borrowing Powers
   Section 10.3   Vote of Electors Required
   Section 10.4   Preparation and Record of Bonds
   Section 10.5   Unissued Bonds
   Section 10.6   Installment Payment Contracts
Chapter 11
Public Improvements, Contracts, Special Assessments
   Section 11.1   City May Perform Public Work
   Section 11.2   Purchasing and Contractual Procedure
   Section 11.3   General Powers Relative to Special Assessments
   Section 11.4   Cost of Acquired Property Added
   Section 11.5   Additional Assessments, Refunds
   Section 11.6   Lien in Collection of Special Assessments
   Section 11.7   Procedure to be Fixed by Ordinance
   Section 11.8   Contested Assessments
   Section 11.9   Special Assessment Accounts
Chapter 12
Municipally Owned Utilities
   Section 12.1   General Powers Respecting Utilities
   Section 12.2   Management of Municipally Owned Utilities
   Section 12.3   Rates
   Section 12.4   Utility Rates and Charges - Collection
   Section 12.5   Disposal of Utility Plants and Property
   Section 12.6   Utility Accounts
Chapter 13
Public Utility Franchises
   Section 13.1   Granting of Public Utility Franchises
   Section 13.2   Conditions of Public Utility Franchise
   Section 13.3   Regulation of Rates
   Section 13.4   Use of Public Places by Utilities
Chapter 14
   Section 14.1   Advisory Committees or Boards
   Section 14.2   Notice to City of Claim for Injuries
   Section 14.3   Publication and Mailing of Notices
   Section 14.4   No Estoppe by Representation
   Section 14.5   City Records
   Section 14.6   Prior City Ordinances and Regulations
   Section 14.7   Headings
   Section 14.8   Effect of Illegality of Any Part of Charter
   Section 14.9   Amendments
   Section 14.10   Definitions and Interpretations
   Section 14.11   Sunday and Holidays
   Section 14.12   Penalties for Misconduct in Office
Chapter 15
   Section 15.1   Election on Charter
   Section 15.2   Form of Ballot
   Section 15.3   Effective Date
   Section 15.4   First City Commission
   Section 15.5   Interim
   Section 15.6   Status of Schedule Chapter
Resolution of Adoption