(A)   It shall be the duty of the Director to make recommendations and advise the Common Council or the principal executive officer on any actions which it would be necessary or desirable to take under § 35.09 in the event of an emergency.
(`90 Code, § 8.46.120)
   (B)   In the event that an emergency clearly exists or is imminent within the city and a state of emergency has not been declared by the Governor or County Commissioners, nor is any person having the powers of the principal executive officer of the city present to declare an emergency, pursuant § 35.08(A), the Director may temporarily presume the existence of a state of emergency even though not officially declared and may, as his or her own judgment dictates, invoke, implement and carry out the provisions of the city's adopted comprehensive emergency management and disaster control plan as are necessary to cope with the emergency and protect the public safety and welfare, and shall be construed to leave all powers necessary and dispensable to doing so to the extent not specifically limited by statute or specifically limited herein, until such time as a principal executive officer becomes available. Assistance from the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Management may be rendered without a declaration of an emergency in order to assist local emergency services in time of need.
(`90 Code, § 8.46.130) (Ord. 90-38, passed - -)