The Director, subject to the direction and control of the Mayor and/or Common Council of the city, shall be the executive head of the Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Management and shall have responsibility for the organization, administration and operation of the city's emergency management organization, including the following specific powers and duties.
   (A)   The Director shall be responsible for public relations, information and education regarding all phases of emergency management.
   (B)   The Director shall be responsible for the development of a city emergency operating plan, and upon adoption by the Common Council of the city, shall be responsible for the implementation and revision of the plan as to maintain it on a current state of readiness at all times.
   (C)   The Director shall coordinate within the city all activities for emergency management and shall maintain liaison and coordinate with all other effected agencies, public and private.
   (D)   The Director shall coordinate the recruitment and training for volunteer personnel and agencies to augment the personnel and facilities of the city for emergency management purposes.
   (E)   The Director may seek, negotiate and enter into, with the approval of the Common Council of the city and the Mayor, to the extent consistent with the state and county emergency operations plan and program, mutual aid arrangements with other public and private agencies for emergency management purposes, and take all steps in accordance with the arrangements to comply with or take advantage thereof in the event of an actual emergency affecting the parties.
   (F)   The Director, in addition to the powers and duties expressly provided for above, shall be construed to have all powers and duties of the local civil defense director, as provided under I.C. 10-4-1.
(`90 Code, § 8.46.040) (Ord. 90-38, passed - -)