(A)   Whenever this chapter applies, as provided in § 35.06, it shall be unlawful and a penal ordinance violation for any person to:
      (1)   Willfully obstruct, hinder or delay the Mayor, Common Council or the Director participating in emergency services, authorized emergency management volunteers or other authorities from implementing, carrying out and enforcing emergency plans and procedures;
      (2)   Fail to observe, abide by and comply with any emergency management duties, orders, regulations and procedures as made applicable to the person by the appropriate authorities; or
      (3)   Falsely wear or carry identification as a member of the City Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Management or to otherwise falsely identify or purport himself or herself to be a city emergency management authority.
   (B)   Any regular or reserve police officer of the state or any of its political subdivisions is hereby empowered to issue and serve a civil citation against any person found to be committing an offense described above. Any person who commits an offense, as described above, shall be liable to a fine; the fine to be subject, however, to the discretion of the court of jurisdiction.
(`90 Code, § 8.46.160) (Ord. 90-38, passed - -) Penalty, see § 10.99