(A)   In accordance with I.C. 10-4-1-10, there is hereby established a Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Management within the executive branch of the city government for the purpose of utilizing to the fullest extent possible the personnel and facilities of the existing city departments and agencies to prepare for and meet any emergency, as herein defined.
   (B)   The Department shall consist of the following:
      (1)   A Director, who shall be known as the Director of Civil Defense and Emergency Management for the city; (The Director shall be appointed by the Mayor of the city and may hold other elected or appointed offices of the city.)
      (2)   Emergency management volunteers, as deemed necessary, and appointed by the Mayor in accordance with qualifications as the Mayor shall deem necessary;
      (3)   The employees, equipment and facilities of all city departments and agencies suitable for, or adaptable to, emergency management and designated by the Mayor of the city to participate in emergency management activities; and
      (4)   Staff officers appointed by the Mayor with responsibilities and duties as the Mayor may designate, but which position shall be, so far as possible, additional duty assignments to existing personnel.
(`90 Code, § 8.46.030) (Ord. 90-38, passed - -)