(a)   Zoning Compliance. No application for the division of land shall be approved unless the minimum requirements of the Zoning Code are met.
   (b)   Access. No division shall be created unless accessibility is provided by either a public road, a private road of record at the time of enactment of this chapter or a private road constructed on a permanent, unobstructed easement and approved by the City Council.
   (c)   Layout. The size, shape and orientation of the land division shall be appropriate for the type of development and land use contemplated. Access to remaining or abutting properties shall be considered. No division shall be approved which would conflict with existing drainage courses, easements or public rights of way.
   (d)   Utility Easements. No application for the division of land shall be approved without adequate provisions made for utility easements. Where such utility easements are needed, written evidence of their availability shall be submitted prior to approval.
   (e)   Compliance With Subdivision Control Act. In no event shall approval be granted where the divisions are contrary to, or in violation of, the Michigan Subdivision Control Act, being Act 288 of the Public Acts of 1967, as amended.
(Ord. 619. Passed 10-16-95.)