The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter, unless otherwise specifically stated:
   (a)   "Division" or "divide" means to separate any land into parts.
   (b)   "Land" means a lot, outlot or parcel of real property.
   (c)   "Lot" means that measured portion of a parcel or tract of land which is described and fixed in a recorded plat.
   (d)   "Outlot" means a lot included within the boundary of a recorded plat set aside for purposes other than a building site, park or other land dedicated to public use or reserved to private use.
   (e)   "Owner" means any person who holds the legal title or the equitable title, the equitable title being evidenced by a duly executed land contract signed by the holders of legal title, or by a duly executed purchase agreement signed by the owners of legal title. If there are holders of both legal and equitable title, "owner" shall be construed to mean all such persons. Wherever the word "owner" appears in this chapter, all persons holding any legal or equitable interest shall be deemed to be referred to, and, in the event that signatures are required, all of such persons shall be deemed to be required to sign.
   (f)   "Parcel" means a continuous area or acreage of land which can be described.
   (g)   "Registered land surveyor" or "civil engineer" means a person so licensed by the State. 
(Ord. 619.  Passed 10-16-95.)