(a)   An owner who desires a land division shall make written application to the City.
   (b)   The application shall be in a form provided by the City and shall contain at least the following information:
      (1)   The names of all owners of any legal or equitable interest, and their signatures.
      (2)   The legal description of the parcel, which description shall contain the acreage.
      (3)   A copy of the most recent paid tax bill pertaining to the parcel, including proof that all delinquent taxes have been paid.
      (4)   A drawing of the land as it exists prior to the proposed division, which may be incorporated in paragraph (b)(5) hereof.
      (5)   A drawing of the land as it will appear following the proposed division, including the following information:
         A.   North arrow, date and scale.
         B.   Existing and proposed lot lines and dimensions.
         C.   Existing utilities and drainage courses within fifty feet of the land to be split.
         D.   Location and dimensions of existing and proposed easements, lot numbers, roadways and lot irons.
         E.   Existing structures on the land and all structures within fifty feet of the proposed lot lines.
         F.   Zoning classification of the land to be divided and all abutting land.
         G.   All required front, rear and side yard setbacks resulting from the requested split.
      (6)   A copy of all existing and/or proposed restrictions or covenants which apply to the land.
      (7)   The person to whom all correspondence concerning the division is to be directed, with the specific designation of the person acting as the agent for all other owners.
(Ord. 619. Passed 10-16-95.)