TITLE SIX - Other Public Services
Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 83-25, passed December 12, 1983, approved the Solid Waste Management Plan prepared for the County pursuant to Act 641 of 1978, as well as the rules promulgated thereunder. Resolution 00-10, passed March 27, 2000, approved the Solid Waste Management Plan Update of Livingston County. Copies of such Resolutions, and the Plan, as updated, may be obtained, at cost, from the City Clerk.
   From time to time, Council establishes rates to be charged for garbage and rubbish collection and disposal for residential units, commercial containers and compactor containers. Because of the frequency of change, these rates are not codified. Copies of the latest relevant legislation may be obtained, at cost, from the City Clerk.
1060.01   Definitions.
1060.02   General provision for collection and disposal of solid waste.
1060.03   Containers in R-1, R-T and HL Districts actually used as residential zones.
1060.04   Containers in R-M, O-1, CBD, B-1, B-2, I-1, I-2, P-1, TC and HL Districts actually used as office zones.
1060.05   Building materials.
1060.06   Collection schedule and regulations.
1060.07   General prohibition against accumulation of solid waste.
1060.08   Unlawful transportation of solid waste.
1060.09   Rules and regulations.
1060.10   Enforcement.
1060.11   Surcharge for delinquency.
1060.99   Penalty.
   Garbage and refuse generally - see M.C.L. Secs. 46.171 et seq., 123.241 et seq., 123.361 et seq.
   Municipal authority - see M.C.L. Secs. 123.301 et seq.
   Filthy accumulations - see GEN. OFF. 622.03, 622.04
   Abandoned refrigerators - see GEN. OFF. 622.11
   Littering - see GEN. OFF. 652.05
   Purchase of recycled products by City - see ADM. 230.10