(a)   The City Manager shall make rules and regulations concerning the collection and disposal of rubbish and garbage from the Central Business District and/or industrial, commercial and institutional establishments as he or she may deem proper.
   (b)   Such rules and regulations shall modify this chapter to provide for the method and time of collection and disposing of the garbage, residential waste and refuse of the special enterprises covered by the rules and regulations.
   (c)   If the owner, manager or operator of an industrial, commercial or institutional enterprise objects to any of the rules and regulations herein provided for, he or she shall, within fifteen days after receipt thereof, file notice of his or her objection with the City Clerk, who shall place upon the next available City Council agenda the rules and regulations in question for consideration, ratification, modification or dissolution.
(Ord. 515. Passed 11-6-89; Ord. 906.  Passed 8-8-16.)