TITLE TWO - Street and Sidewalk Areas
Streets and Excavations
1020.01   Definitions.
1020.02   Excavations, damage and obstructions; objects suspended above public ways.
1020.03   Permits; fees; insurance.
1020.04   Street openings; permit required.
1020.05   Emergency openings.
1020.06   Backfilling.
1020.07   Maintenance of installations in street.
1020.08   Notice of resurfacing.
1020.09   Sewer and water connections.
1020.10   Determination of necessity; notice to abutting property owners.
1020.11   Prohibited openings.
1020.12   Barricades and warning lights.
1020.13   Shoring excavations.
1020.14   Removal of encroachments.
1020.15   Temporary street closings.
1020.16   Parades; permit required.
1020.17   Load security.
1020.18   City policy re limited street improvements.
1020.19   Authority to use street and water systems for car washing.
1020.99   Penalty.
   Streets and alleys in home rule cities - see M.C.L. Secs. 117.4d, 117.4e, 117.4h
   Excavations generally - see M.C.L. Secs. 554.251 et seq.
   Playing games in streets - see GEN. OFF. 622.08
   Obstruction of streets - see GEN. OFF. 622.09
   Assessment policy re street improvements - see B.R. & T. 892.22(b), (c)
   Street lighting generally - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1049