General Provisions
   72.001   Definitions
   72.002   Compliance with parking control devices required
   72.003   Parking in restricted areas during special events
   72.004   Backing into parking space
   72.005   Temporary parking
   72.006   Parking so as to face oncoming traffic prohibited
   72.007   Parking in alleys
   72.008   All-night parking
   72.009   Parking for certain purposes prohibited; towing
   72.010   Parking adjacent to schools
   72.011   Parking on narrow streets
   72.012   Parking, standing on one-way streets
   72.013   Improper parking
   72.014   Parking, standing near hazardous or congested places
   72.015   Parking, standing in passenger curb loading zone
   72.016   Parking, standing in freight loading zone
   72.017   Parking, standing in restricted parking zone
   72.018   Buses and taxicabs
   72.019   Parking in front of entrances
   72.020   Unattended vehicles
   72.021   Parking so as not to obstruct traffic
   72.022   Parking, standing on sidewalks or swale areas
   72.023   Parking within lines
   72.024   Diagonal and parallel parking
   72.025   Double parking
   72.026   Parking Permit Program
   72.027   Parking in excess of posted time limits prohibited
   72.028   Parking near fire hydrants
   72.029   Safety zones
   72.030   Fire station, fire lane, or fire zones
   72.031   Crosswalks or intersections
   72.032   Blocking driveways
   72.033   Parking near traffic-control devices
   72.034   Excavation or construction zones
   72.035   Bridges or causeways
Parking on Private Property
   72.050   (Reserved)
   72.051   Consent of owner required
   72.052   Parking on private property designated as fire zone or the like
   72.053   Issuance of citation
   72.054   (Reserved)
   72.055   (Reserved)
   72.056   (Reserved)
   72.057   (Reserved)
   72.058   (Reserved)
Metered Zones
   72.075   Authority of Director of the Office of Parking & Intergovernmental Affairs to establish
   72.076   Parking meter regulations
   72.077   Overtime parking
   72.078   Trucks, tractor trailers, semi-trailers and trailers
Lease of Spaces in Municipal Parking Lots
   72.095   Authority of city to issue parking permits
   72.096   Fees
   72.097   Application for permit
   72.098   Authority of city to enter into short-term leases
Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Vehicles
   72.110   Definitions
   72.111   Restrictions on parking vehicles
   72.112   Additional restrictions on parking vehicles
Recreational and Special-Purpose Vehicles
   72.120   Definitions
   72.121   Restrictions
   72.122   Variances
   72.123   Recreational vehicle storage facility rate schedule
Travel Trailers; Mobile Homes
   72.130   Definitions
   72.131   Restrictions
Handicapped Parking
   72.140   Provided by governmental entities
   72.141   Provided by nongovernmental entities
Administration and Enforcement
   72.150   Powers and duties of Police Department
   72.151   Authority to issue citations
   72.152   Failure to obey
   72.153   Impoundment
   72.154   Appeal
   72.155   Liability for nonpayment of parking fines
   72.156   Authority of city to use motor vehicle immobilizing devices
   72.157   Transmission of information to the Department of Highway Safety
   72.158   Valet parking
   72.159   (Reserved)
   72.160   Parking Administrator
   72.999   Penalty