Cable Television Regulations
927.01   Intent.
927.02   Definitions.
927.03   Franchise to install and operate.
927.04   Franchise required.
927.05   Term of the franchise.
927.06   Franchise territory.
927.07   Federal, State and City jurisdiction.
927.08   Franchise non-transferable.
927.09   Purchase by City.
927.10   Geographical coverage; multipledwelling units (MDUs).
927.11   Nonexclusive franchise.
927.12   Multiple franchises.
927.13   Initial franchise or renewal applications.
927.14   Consideration of initial applications.
927.15   Franchise renewal.
927.16   Consumer protection and service standards.
927.17   Rate regulation; senior citizen discount; promotions; broadcastbasic service; guaranteed service calls.
927.18   Franchise fee.
927.19   Design and construction requirements; street and other public improvements.
927.20   Technical standards; tests.
927.21   Trimming of trees.
927.22   Provision of cable to public facilities.
927.23   Hold harmless.
927.24   Insurance; construction completion bond; performance bond.
927.25   Records required and grantor’s right to inspect.
927.26   Annual reports.
927.27   Institutional network; interconnection with other government networks.
927.28   Public, educational, or government (PEG) access channels and facilities; fee in lieu.
927.29   Franchise violation.
927.30   Force majeure; grantee’s inability to perform.
927.31   Abandonment or removal of franchise property.
927.32   Extended operation and continuity of services.
927.33   Receivership and foreclosure.
927.34   Rights reserved to grantor.
927.35   Rights of individuals.
927.36   Time limits strictly construed.
927.37   Delegation of authority.
927.38   Conflicts.
927.39   Severability.
927.40   Customer service standards for the cable television system.