A Franchise granted by the City under the provisions of this chapter shall encompass the following purposes:
   (a)    To engage in the business of providing Cable Service, and such other services as may be permitted by the Franchise Agreement.
   (b)    To erect, own, install, construct, repair, rebuild, reconstruct, replace, maintain and retain, cable lines, related electronic equipment, supporting structures, appurtenances; and other property in connection with the operation of a Cable System in, on, over, under, upon, along and across Streets or other public places within the designated Service Area.
   (c)    To maintain and operate said Franchise properties for the origination, reception, transmission, amplification, and distribution of television and radio signals for the delivery of Cable Services and any other services permitted by the Franchise Agreement.
   (d)    To set forth the obligations of a Grantee under the Franchise Agreement.
      (Ord. 4-1997.  Passed 11-11-97.)