(a)    Grantor may grant one or more Franchises for a Service Area.
   (b)    Each Grantee awarded a Franchise to serve the entire City shall offer service to all residences in the City, in accordance with construction and service schedules mutually agreed upon between Grantor and Grantee, and consistent with applicable law.
   (c)    Grantor may require that any new Grantee be responsible for its own underground trenching and the costs associated therewith, if, in Grantor's opinion, the rights-of-way in any particular area cannot feasibly and reasonably accommodate additional cables.
   (d)    Any additional Franchise granted by the City to provide Cable Service in a part of the City in which a Franchise has already been granted and where an existing Grantee is providing service shall require the new Grantee to provide service throughout its Service Area within a reasonable time and in a sequence which does not discriminate against lower income residents.  (Ord. 4-1997.  Passed 11-11-97.)