Words and phrases used in this title, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, mean as follows:
   COMMERCIAL: Property or structure thereon that is used for any purpose other than residential.
   DIRECT GLARE SOURCE: Light that originates in a direct line of sight from a light source that results in objectionable glare.
   EXISTING STREET LIGHTING: Those streetlight fixtures in operation as of March 1, 2000.
   FIXTURE: The assembly that holds the lamp in a lighting system. It includes the elements designed to give light output control, such as a reflector (mirror) or refractor (lens), the ballast housing, and the attachment parts.
   HISTORIC STREETLIGHT: Streetlight fixtures manufactured before January 1, 1950.
   HORIZONTAL CUTOFF: Fixtures that are designed in such a manner that light rays emitted by the fixture, either directly from the lamp, lens, or housing, are only projected below a horizontal plane running through the lowest point on the light source.
   LIGHT SOURCE: Artificial light emitted directly from a fixture lamp, lens, or mirror. Light which is reflected after leaving the fixture does not constitute a light source.
   LIGHT TRESPASS: Any form of artificial illumination emanating from a light fixture that penetrates other property and creates a direct glare source that exceeds 0.5 foot-candles in a vertical plane at the subject property line.
   RESIDENTIAL: A property or structure containing less than five (5) dwelling units that is used primarily as a dwelling place.
   STREETLIGHT: An outdoor light fixture located within a public right of way irrespective of ownership. (Ord. 2889, 1-24-2000; amd. Ord. 3119, 12-7-2009)