A.   If an owner fails to surrender an animal when the animal control officer is either required or permitted to seize the animal by city ordinance, the city or the animal control officer may file with the municipal court a written petition seeking an immediate seizure order. The municipal court may issue such an order without a hearing if the petition, made under oath or affirmation, includes:
      1.   Facts to support probable cause to believe the animal must be seized; and
      2.   An adequate description of the animal to be seized.
   B.   Any animal found running at large or left unattended or picketed upon any city right-of-way, city park, open space, or other public facility; or picketed on private property in such a way that the animal can enter the city right-of-way, city park, open space, or other public facility may be taken by the animal control officer and impounded in the animal shelter or a veterinarian's office and there confined in a humane manner. Upon impounding any animal, the animal control officer must make a reasonable effort to notify the owner of the impounded animal and inform the owner of the conditions whereby they may regain possession of the animal.
   C.   If the city impounds, boards, or has an animal sheltered for any reason not specifically discussed elsewhere in this code, or does so because the animal was either abandoned or found pursuant to section 5-2-8(B):
      1.   The owner shall be entitled to regain possession of the animal upon compliance with all animal licensing provisions and payment of all fees and charges provided for in this chapter, including but not limited to impoundment fees; and
      2.   The animal shall become the property of the Lewis and Clark Humane Society and the owner is deemed to have relinquished ownership of the animal if the owner has not reclaimed it within seventy-two (72) hours of impoundment if the animal was impounded pursuant to section 5-2-8(B), or within ten (10) business days if it came into the city's possession for any other reason.
   D.   If an animal that is impounded or housed for any reason under this chapter requires veterinary care or treatment, representatives of the facility housing or caring for the animal are permitted to obtain the required veterinary care or treatment for the animal. To reclaim the animal, the owner shall reimburse the facility for the veterinary care or treatment.
   E.   The animal control officer, a licensed veterinarian, or the humane society may destroy any sick or injured animal without holding it for ten (10) business days if its condition is such that destruction is necessary. (Ord. 3282, 7-13-2020)