Data Processing Policy
EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinance 95-170, passed October 17, 1995, adopted a computer disaster recovery plan for data processing services by the City. Copies of such ordinance and such plan may be obtained, at cost, from the City Auditor.
214.01   Adoption of policy.
214.02   Intent.
214.03   Inventory controls; duties of Information Systems Supervisor.
214.04   Designation of responsible users.
214.05   Maintenance request procedures.
214.06   Supplies.
214.07   Responsibility for computer security.
214.08   Computer security standards.
214.09   Hardware and software acquisitions.
214.10   Removing software/hardware from City premises.
214.11   Instructions for using computers; protection of computer from unauthorized use.
214.12   Changes to software.
214.13   Use of copyrighted computer software.
   Data Processing Manager - see ADM. 234.05
   Data Processing Coordinator - see ADM. 234.07
   Access to computer source code - see ADM. 252.24