(a)   Generally. Security for computer applications and equipment shall be the responsibility of the entire City. It should be noted that even though the data are on a hard-disk drive or on a diskette and in a desk drawer, it is as vulnerable as any confidential printed report.
   (b)   Employees' Responsibilities.
      (1)   All employees of the City, regardless of title, are called upon to provide for the security of resources, both physical and in the form of data, which are at their disposal. In addition, employees are responsible for understanding established security standards as specified in Section 214.08.
      (2)   Each employee will have a password. This password is not to be divulged to anyone. The password is highly confidential, and should anyone learn the password, a new one shall be assigned immediately.
      (3)   Users should return back to main menu when leaving their work area or when leaving at the end of their shift. This protects the user's data from another person inquiring or modifying such data without the proper access codes. Returning back to main menu closes all data files and protects them from being corrupted or erased. Users shall be held accountable for system activity performed with their user ID.
(Ord. 93-45. Passed 4-6-93.)