(A)   Districts designated. For the purpose of electing County Commissioners, Garrett County shall be divided into 3 County Commissioner Districts as follows:
      (1)   The First County Commissioner District shall be composed of the First, Fourth, Tenth, Thirteenth and Sixteenth Election Districts and Precinct 1 of the Eighth Election District;
      (2)   The Second County Commissioner District shall be composed of the Second, Third, Fifth, Ninth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Fifteenth Election Districts;
      (3)   The Third County Commissioner District shall be composed of the Sixth, Seventh and Fourteenth Election Districts and Precinct 2 of the Eighth Election District.
   (B)   Election. At all future elections for the office of County Commissioner, 1 Commissioner shall be elected from among the voters residing in each County Commissioner District by the general vote of the county.
   (C)   Procedure at primary elections. At primary elections to be held in Garrett County at which candidates are selected for the position of County Commissioner, 1 candidate for each party shall be chosen from each County Commissioner District by the county-wide vote of the members of the respective parties. The Supervisors of Elections of Garrett County shall place the names of all persons who file papers for the position County Commissioner upon the ballots to be used by the respective parties in the county by Commissioner Districts so that under each Commissioner District on the ballot will appear the names in alphabetical order of all candidates residing in the district. The candidate of each party from each County Commissioner District who receives the greatest number of votes shall be certified by the Supervisors of Elections as the nominee of the political party to which he or she belongs, and the name of the nominee shall be placed on the official ballot to be used in the general election.
   (D)   Vacancies. If the office of any of the County Commissioners becomes vacant during the term, the Governor shall fill the vacancy as provided in Md. Code, Art. 25, § 16.
(1986 Code, § 20-2)  (P.L.L., 1930, Art. 12, § 81; 1892, Ch. 321, § 31B; 1941, Ch. 172, § 81; 1951, Ch. 111; 1976, Ch. 673; 1993, Ch. 43; Am. by Md. H.B. 201, passed 3-22-2011)