(A)   Attorney.
      (1)   The County Commissioners shall appoint a County Attorney, who shall provide legal counsel to the Commissioners and handle any additional matters as may be assigned by the County Commissioners.
      (2)   The salary of the County Attorney shall be as set by the County Commissioners, and the County Attorney shall serve at the pleasure of the County Commissioners.
   (B)   Civil Service Commission.
      (1)   There is a Civil Service Commission consisting of 3 members, 1 of whom shall be elected by a majority vote of all county employees covered by the merit system and 2 of whom shall be appointed by the County Commissioners representing the public at large. Appointments to the Commission may not be made from among the county employees.
      (2)   The term of office for Commission members shall be 3 years. The terms of the members of the Commission are staggered as required by the terms in effect for members of the Commission on July 1, 1998.  At the expiration of each term, the Commission member’s successor shall be elected or appointed as herein provided for a 3-year term. Members of the Commission may be reelected or reappointed for succeeding terms of 3 years.
      (3)   If a member of the Commission resigns, is deceased or otherwise is unable to serve a complete term, a successor shall be chosen as herein provided for the remainder of the unexpired term.
      (4)   If a member of the Commission fails to attend and serve at 3 consecutive meetings without just cause, the member shall be subject to removal by the County Commissioners; however, the unexpired term shall be filled as provided herein.
      (5)   Compensation and expenses for Civil Service Commission members shall be as determined by the County Commissioners.
      (6)   In accordance with the County Personnel Handbook adopted by the County Commissioners, the Civil Service Commission:
         (a)   Shall be the final administrative step in the county’s grievance process for classified county employees; and
         (b)   May be used in other personnel matters as directed by the County Commissioners or County Administrator.
(1986 Code, § 20-9)  (1973, Ch. 489; 1973, Ch. 881; 1997, Ch. 26; S.B. 423, passed 2-23-1998)