The title to all lands in Garrett County heretofore sold by the Supervisor of Tax Collections to the County Commissioners under the provisions of this subchapter shall become absolute in the County Commissioners as against the taxpayer in whose name the land was assessed and sold in May, provided that the County Commissioners shall give 3 weeks notice by publication in some newspaper published in Garrett County, 3 weeks prior to the date of sale, warning the delinquent taxpayers that unless the taxes, interest and costs accrued against the lands are paid and discharged before the first day of March, title to the lands shall become absolute in the County Commissioners as against the person or persons in whose name or names the lands were assessed and sold, which notice shall contain a brief description of the lands, the name of the persons in whose name the same was assessed and sold and the amount of taxes, interest and costs due thereon. All of the lands not redeemed by payment as aforesaid on the day of the annual sale shall be held as the property of Garrett County, and the County Commissioners are authorized at any time thereafter to sell the lands or any of them, either at public or private sale, and, after reporting the sale or sales to the Circuit Court for Garrett County and after the ratification thereof by the court, to convey the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, and a good title shall be vested in the purchaser or purchasers of the land as against the delinquent taxpayer or taxpayers.
(1986 Code, § 20-11)  (P.L.L., 1930, Art. 12, § 92; 1957 Code, § 73: 1912, Ch. 479, § 41A)