The County Commissioners may classify the business of the county and designate the meetings at which the several classes of business shall be disposed of. The County Commissioners shall transact the business of the county and shall pay all bills by orders made payable to whomever due, and the orders shall be delivered directly to the Director of the Department of Financial Services. The Director shall issue a check as Director to pay the orders and shall deliver the checks to the payee.
(1986 Code, § 20-4)  (P.L.L., 1888, Art. 12, § 33; 1930, § 83; 1957 Code, § 66; 1878, Ch. 108; 1939, Ch. 286, § 83)
Editorial note:
   Section 3 of ch. 286 of 1939 provided that if any County Commissioner or the County Administrator or the Director of Financial Services should violate any of the provisions of this section he or she should be liable to indictment and, upon conviction, should forfeit his or her office. Also, ch. 754 of 1941 proposed to add a new § 83A to the 1930 Edition of the local code concerning the appointment of an attorney by the County Commissioners. It was vetoed by the Governor. See 1941 Session Laws, pgs 1306 and 2052.