1134.01  PURPOSE.
   The Motorist Service District is established herein for the following purposes:
   (a)   To provide suitable locations for those commercial uses catering primarily to highway associated demands and automobile oriented users.
   (b)   To protect adjacent residential and business properties by restricting the type of uses, particularly at common boundaries, which could create hazards, noise, odors or other objectionable influences, and
   (c)   To relieve traffic congestion on streets by requiring off-street parking and loading facilities.
   The provisions of this Chapter 1134 shall prevail over the provisions in Chapter 1135 in the event there is a conflict between the two chapters, it being the intent that automobile related services, motels, restaurants, parking facilities and accessory uses thereto shall be primarily governed by this Chapter 1134 rather than Chapter 1135.
(Ord. 31-1992. Passed 7-13-92.)