General Provisions
   93.01   [Reserved]
Excavations and Construction
   93.10   Definitions
   93.11   [Reserved]
   93.12   [Reserved]
   93.13   Barriers around excavations
   93.14   Warning lights
   93.15   Sidewalk construction
   93.16   [Reserved]
   93.17   [Reserved]
   93.18   [Reserved]
   93.19   [Reserved]
   93.20   [Reserved]
   93.21   [Reserved]
   93.22   [Reserved]
   93.23   [Reserved]
   93.24   [Reserved]
   93.25   Application for permit to cut, excavate, or bore in the city right-of-way from the city required
   93.26   Reconstruction of street segment in certain cases; waivers, and restoration to be completed promptly and expeditiously
   93.27   Permit fee and performance guaranty required
   93.28   Emergency repairs
   93.29   Warranty by permit holder
   93.30   Working conditions and regulations
   93.35   Unloading on street or sidewalk
   93.36   Street and sidewalk obstruction
   93.37   Materials on street or sidewalk
   93.38   Removal of ice, snow and other debris
Awnings and Marquees
   93.50   Awning regulations
   93.51   Marquee regulations
   93.52   Permit, sketch required
House Numbering
   93.65   Numbers required on all houses
   93.66   Numbering on north/south streets
   93.67   Numbering on east/west streets west of Dixie Highway
   93.68   Numbering on east/west streets east of Dixie Highway
   93.69   Spacing between numbers
   93.70   Number sequence per block
   93.71   Altering, defacing numbers prohibited
Road and Bridge Projects
   93.85   Public hearing required
   93.86   Notice requirements
   93.87   Public may testify; effect of testimony
   93.88   Hearing to be held prior to construction
   93.89   Separate hearing for each project not required
   93.90   Exemptions from hearing requirement
   93.99   Penalty